Crafter Nordic

On this page, you can download a modified version of Alex Joganic’s excellent all-caps typeface Crafter, with the inclusion of the nordic letters Æ Ø Å (and a flipped Q), but with a lot less special characters. The typefaces are very suitable for logos and headers, but much less for body copy. As far as good font pairings are concerned, the regular version plays nicely with the free cursive font Nickainley from FontFabric, for example. For body copy, I recommend using Montserrat, Metropolis or Inter, if you have your headings in Crafter Nordic. Mulish is also an alternative, although I don’t care too much for its single storey lowercase “a”.

The original Crafter fonts are licensed as “free for personal use”, and, being a derivate, Crafter Nordic has to be considered to be under that same license. Thus, if you want to use Crafter Nordic for commercial purposes, you must buy a commercial use license ($18) for the original Crafter font over at Pixel Surplus (which obviously I did).


With Nickainley

Download (.zip 75 kB)